Let's Work Together

Every business is unique and requires it's own strategy and plan. Below are a few different ways we can work together, each custom to your business. If you don't see something that fits the bill, contact me and we can create something totally unique to you.

I work with clients on internal systems:

  • creating financial tracking spreadsheets
  • setting up project management systems
  • assessing what online tools & resources are a best fit for your team

I also work with clients on marketing strategy:

  • developing new program or product offerings
  • mapping out launches and list building campaigns
  • website map out, tweaks or re-design (for copy and design that is clear & effective to sell & convert) 
  • social media strategy for engaging your target clients
Strategy Session .jpg

In this 2.5 hour strategy session, we'll focus on 1 big win for your business. This could look like creating a editorial and launch calendar for the year, designing a new program or offering, map out a unique program or product launch or creating a framework for a new or updated website. This session is 100% customized to you and will bring you instant results.   

vip day .jpg

During the VIP Day, we look at your whole business and identify where your biggest money makers are and how to simplify your processes to work less and make more. Together, we'll make an agenda so we can get focused when we meet and you can walk away with 3-4 big wins. This could be creating an editorial & launch calendar for the next 6-9 months, flushing out your current offerings, building out a new program or offering, or assessing your current systems to simplify and streamline project management and organization,


Once we do a Strategy Session, VIP Day, or coaching session and create a personalized plan for your business, we'll assess if there are certain aspects of the launch plan that I can support in implementing. This may look like writing copy for sales pages and email campaigns, creating posts for social media, working with web designers, doing project management, and more.