This June, I am kicking off The Yes Mastermind (beta) - a 6 month mastermind for a small group of women who are ready to grow their business this year and thrive off of community support and encouragement. 

The Mastermind combines 1-on-1 coaching with me with community collaboration. 

The mastermind is perfect for you if you are already in business and are looking to expand this year (your reach, your programs, your profits) or you are still in the ideation phase and need support in actually launching your business. 

What It Includes 

1-on-1 Coaching: Each month, you'll have one 45 minute 1-on-1 coaching session with me. During this call, we'll check in on your business goals, trouble shoot anything that's coming up, or work through what's going on for you in your business right now. Each call will be totally unique and tailored to you. 

Group Calls: Each month, we'll have a 90-minute group call that will vary in focus month to month. During this time, we may have a guest expert join us and focus on a specific topic and or do "hot seats" where each person can have some 1-on-1 time with the whole group. 

Community Facebook Group: The private mastermind Facebook group will be the place where we'll all be able to check in, ask questions, and get support or feedback. 

How It Works 

As soon as you enroll in the Mastermind, you'll fill out the "Let's Get Started" survey, a guide to reflecting on your personal and professional goals for this coming year. You'll also be invited to join the members only Facebook group. 

Our first group call will take place the first week of May and from there we'll get going! 

Throughout the course of the program, I will have an awareness of you and your business and will be cheering you on as you take steps toward achieving your business & life goals. In the program, we'll be focusing on business foundations (aka the internal systems that keep the business running), strategies for growth, sales and successes, and we'll be taking action. 

Along side the group, I'll be here answering your questions and I'll be bringing in guest experts throughout the program to inspire you and get you focusing on different areas of your business. 

The gold of the mastermind is in the group - the collaboration, the connection, the support. 

The Investment 

The program investment is $299/month for the 6 months of the program. This includes the 1-on-1 coaching, group calls, and access to the community Facebook group. 

My Vision

My vision is to create a really awesome group that is focused around collaboration, support, celebration and generosity. My goal is to bring you all my all - my passion, my know how, and my zest for business and life. If this feels like a yes to you - I hope you'll join us!