give back

“If you get a piece of cake and eat the whole thing, you will feel empty. If you get a piece of cake and share half of it, you will feel both full and fulfilled.” - Haitian 

I read this quote in Lynne Twist’s The Soul Of Money and it touched my heart. As a gal who loves her ice cream, I can totally relate to this. Going out for ice cream and sharing a scoop with a friend is way more enjoyable than eating the full scoop on your own. The same principle applies to our money and how we share.

I’ve always valued giving back but never created the habit for myself to do it NOW. I thought “When I’m older, in the future, am more established and have more money, I’ll begin to give back. When it can really make an impact”

As I read the Soul Of Money, I took in Lynne’s message that you can take the resources you have, at whatever level those may be, and choose to make a difference with them now.

When you use what you have to support your highest ideals and commitments, and express your deepest values, your experience of your own true wealth expands. - Lynne Twist

I am choosing to make a difference at the level that feels good now and invite you to do the same with whatever touches your heart.

In 2019, I am supporting the Pachamama Alliance - an incredible non-for profit organization thats dedicated to bringing forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on this planet. Pachamama Alliance works hand in hand with indigenous communities in the Amazon to protect the rainforest and uses insights gained from that work, to educate and inspire individuals everywhere to bring forth a thriving, just and sustainable world. I’ve participated in many of their programs and am in awe at the amazing work they do.

Other organizations that touch my heart are Edible Schoolyards and the International Honors Program.

A NEW WAY TO honor others

During the 2018 holiday season, I started a new tradition at Say Yes With Jess. Instead of buying gifts for my friends, family, and clients for the holidays, I asked them what causes or organizations they love and support and would like me to make a donation in their name. On behalf of people in my life, I’ve contributed to Families Belong Together, JNF, and One Tree Planted.

It has truly felt so good to actually ask the question of what do you care about and value and how can I honor you. Even with a small contribution of $18, I can feel the money flow from Say Yes With Jess and it feels really good. I’ll leave you with this quote and encourage you to think about what you care about and how you can consciously allocate money in the directions of your choice. Even $1 is an amazing place to start.

“Be known for what you allocate, not what you accumulate.” - Joan Holmes