Hear directly from my clients themselves. 


"Working with Jess feels like night and day in my business.  With so many pieces moving on a daily basis, it’s not always easy or fun to pause, take a look at things, and create plans for growth. Somehow, Jess manages to not only make the process fun for me and my team but also she sees the big picture on both a micro and macro level of what’s possible for my business and each team member.

Since working with Jess, we have so much more clarity on team roles, have totally upped our internal systems for tracking money, email management, and project management, and have a 12-month launch calendar that feels exciting and doable. I feel your support on every layer -- from the practical stuff to the energetic and emotional support. Jess walks the edge of action plans, to-do lists and spirit dust.

You create the space for me to show up and do the work that I am here to do."

- ROBYN YOUKILIS,  Best Selling Author & Wellness Expert at Your Healthiest You


"I finally (after 3 years of pondering) launched my first group coaching course!! 

Your responsiveness is unprecedented. Your compassion, patience, understanding and empathy combined with your knowledge, professionalism, expertise and understanding of how the heck to do all this online business launchy stuff is just incredible. 

You're really a combo of a coach and a business strategist. And you are truly a gem!

There's something magical about you that made me feel like I can truly do anything. You patiently held me accountable and really coached me through the whole launch process. 

I’ve hired other strategists and coaches in the past, as well as bought so many programs, and you were the ONLY one who actually moved me to action with your clear breakdown of how everything would work plus tight loving hand holding. You are amazing and I really hope to work together again soon!!! xo"

- TALIA POLLOCK, Author, Speaker, Podcast Host + Coach at Party In My Plants


 “It was invaluable to have someone in my corner who truly cared about the success of my program!” 

“Working with Jess was such a breath of fresh air. I hired Jess to create a launch strategy for my signature online program. I’ve launched this course several times but never had a real strategy for community engagement and sales. Not only did I get all of that and more for this launch, but I now feel much clearer on strategy for launches going forward and have a replicable sales funnel and launch process I can use again and again.  

Jess went above and beyond to learn my business and supported wherever necessary.  There was ease in delegating and thoughtful follow-up. I feel like I had someone on my team who truly cared and was rooting for me! She's a gem!”

PHOEBE LAPINE, Author, Chef, Podcast Host

Emily Nachazel Testimonial.png

"Working with Jess was one of the best investments we've made for the business this year. We have more clarity on team members' roles and responsibilities, better organization with basic business processes (financial tracking, team communications, task management and time management), and greater clarity and focus on the pieces of the business that really drive our bottom line. You've given our team the space and the structure to make really big and really awesome improvements in our business.

I really appreciate your holistic approach to running a business. Through our work I feel like there's been a great balance of looking at the practical (the finances, the processes, the organization) and the more big picture/vision for the business, and making sure we're working on both. I feel empowered and supported after our sessions together and can't wait to see where our work together continues to take us!"

EMILY NACHAZEL, Business Manager for Your Healthiest You & Health Coach at Wellness With Emily

Rachel Testimonial Headshot.png

"I would absolutely recommend working with Jess! She is so personable, proactive and fun.

Jess really helps you to shift perspective and become clear about your business. She gives you bite sized tips that are easy to implement and have fantastic results. She makes business feel light, which is every entrepreneur’s dream."

- RACHAEL HALL Franklin Method Educator & Coach

Caitlin Testimonials Headshot.png

"Since working with Jess, I launched my first online community challenge, created a private community Facebook group, and started my newsletter (which I've been consistent in sending it out weekly since!). These actions directly helped me grow my email list and get new clients.  

Jess is profoundly insightful, experienced, and knows her stuff. I would recommend Jess and her services to anyone operating a conscious business who could use support with the infrastructure of the business, social media presence and marketing, as well as PR. I'm so impressed with Jess's capacity to, seemingly at light speed, create solutions, ideas, remedies and clear visions for what I need in any given circumstance with my business."

- CAITLIN NARAMORE, Private Chef & Universal Health Principles Practitioner

Rachel Klien Testimonial.png

"Working with Jess is like adding a breath of fresh air to your business! Every time I met with Jess in person, talked with her on the phone, or just shot her a quick text, I left the conversation feeling newly inspired, invigorated and determined to accomplish my goals.

Jess makes you feel like anything is possible and that it can all be “easy” and fun in the process. Jess was the cheerleader rooting me on through the growth of my blog, business and launches. She supported me during the launch of my first group online challenge which was so helpful!"

- RACHEL KLEIN, Personal Stylist   

nathalie Testimonial .png

"I loved working with Jess to create the perfect mastermind experience for my clients, because she is creative, hands on, and she makes things happen. If we had an idea, we were able to assess if it made sense for the participants quickly, and then Jess was on it to make it a reality. Like magic.

Jess has a knack for creating luxurious experiences, and keeping them within budget. She's super connected in NYC, and she brings a fresh perspective to designing a high level mastermind program."

-NATHALIE LUSSIER, Business Strategist 

Monica Testimonial 2.png

"Your energy and enthusiasm is positively infectious! Your instincts are spot on. I'd recommend you to any entrepreneur who has the basics of their biz covered but needs to take it to the next level.

You're the real deal. A genuine human being with smarts, sass, and super-woman-like abilities to get the job done. You're like a Renaissance Woman. There is no aspect of my business that I wouldn't trust into your hands!"

- MONICA MCCARTHY, Actor, Writer & Coach