Guatemala's Indigenous Resistance Day 2019

Guatemala's Indigenous Resistance Day 2019

Hi friends! I’m writing to you from Peten, Guatemala - the very north of the country which is predominantly nationally protected jungle and is home to the majority of the country’s excavated Mayan sacred sites. 

This past Saturday, I had the honor to witness and participate in the celebration of “Día de la Resistencia de los Pueblos Indígenas de Guatemala” or “Resistance Day of the Indigenous Peoples of Guatemala.” 

As soon as the Mayans were granted access to doing ceremonies at their ancestral sacred sites once the Guatemalan civil war came to an end in 1996, this celebration day kicked off.  

In It For The Long Haul

Waking up jet lagged and a little disoriented, I decided to hike to the tallest peak here in Split, Croatia, to get the full birds eye view of where I just arrived and to get grounded (literally). 

Finding myself out of breath 3-minutes into the trek, I was suddenly blasted back to April when I hiked the tallest summit in Central America, Tajumulco. Between the altitude and carrying a 60-liter bag, to say I got out of breath every few minutes is an understatement. 

As someone who considers themself pretty fit, I found myself struggling toward the back of the group on the way up. 

“Instead of moving quickly, then needing to take breaks to recover because you’re out of breath, try taking veryyyy small steps and never stop. Find a pace that works for you and stick with it.” One of the French hiking guides saw me struggling and offered me this little nugget of wisdom. 

Why I Cancelled My Amazon Prime Membership

Why I Cancelled My Amazon Prime Membership

For the last few months, I’ve been a “silent activist.” Caring deeply about issues and committing to changing some of my personal actions but staying pretty quiet about it. Lately, I’ve been really inspired by friends who are stepping up and sharing freely about issues that mean something to them. One of these friends, Alex Jamieson, posted on Facebook earlier this week opening a discussion around Amazon and it inspired me to share more on the topic here because it has been particularly relevant to me this year.

Taking A Stand & My Quiet Summer

Taking A Stand & My Quiet Summer

Happy September friends!

I’m ready to step out of from my quiet summer.

Back in April, I had the insight that it was time to take a break from living in NYC. After 7 years of living in this awesome city, I was ready for a change of pace, change of scenery, and a new personal adventure.

I asked myself the question, what would be your dream summer? The answer came really easily - to live close to the beach. The next ah-ha came quickly. Since my family has an awesome beach house… just maybe I could live there for the summer!

And so I made the arrangements to move out to the beach and live in our family’s summer home back cottage.

5 Steps For A Successful Photoshoot

5 Steps For A Successful Photoshoot

When I decided to launch Say Yes With Jess, one of the very first things I did was reach out to a photographer to schedule a professional photoshoot.

I pretty much DIYed everything else (I built and designed my own website, wrote all of the copy), but working with a photographer was a key investment I knew I wanted to make.

When I go to a website, the very first thing I notice and connect to are the pictures. Photos convey a message and help tell the story of a person or brand.

Plus, having professionally shot photos on your website and social media instantly makes you look professional and legit.

My 2018 Theme

My 2018 Theme

At the end of every year, I carve out some time to reflect on the previous year and create a vision or set an intention for the year ahead. Each year it looks a little different.  

This year, I carved out an hour to do my “2018 Intentions & Reflections” right before the New Year.  

I reflected on 2017 - the highs, the lows, my travels, people I went out on dates with, lessons learned…

And took all that into where I feel I want to go and grow in 2018.   

My first post!

My first post!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a writer. A private writer that is.

As the daughter of a journaler -- I caught the bug real early on and have kept it up ever since.

I journaled about my day to day activities, how I felt about the Monica Lewinsky scandal (very mature 9 year old I was!), and eventually about crushes. Boys boys boys.

Even to date, I’m known to always have a cute notebook on hand and probably have 10-15 journals on rotation in my room. They’re filled with stories about life, insights, and visions.  

Although I’ve always loved writing, I’ve never really written publicly (except my short blogging stint in 2010 during my semester abroad… anyone remember Jess Travels The World?)

But one of my goals for 2018 is to change that.